Bail appeal for Amber-Rose murder accused

Vernod Skantha, Photo: ODT
Vernod Skantha, Photo: ODT
The Dunedin doctor accused of murdering teenager Amber-Rose Rush has taken his bid for bail to the Court of Appeal.

Venod Skantha (30) is charged with murdering the 16-year-old, who was found dead in her Corstorphine home on February 2 this year.

Skantha - then a doctor at Dunedin Hospital - was charged days later and granted interim name suppression.

That lapsed in May after he pleaded not guilty to the charge, as well as a count of indecent assault and four of threatening to kill.

Skantha was denied electronically-monitored bail by the High Court and this afternoon Justices Stephen Kos, Forrie Miller and Christine French heard his appeal.

The contents of the hearing are suppressed by law and Justice Kos said the court would reserve its decision.

A written judgement would be released as soon as possible, he said.

Skantha graduated from Auckland University in 2014 and was previously registered to practise medicine as a ‘‘house officer’’ at the Southern District Health Board.

He is scheduled to appear in court again later this month.

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