Crib owner feels 'sick' after discovering break-in

A woman feels ''sick'' and unsafe after realising people had been sleeping in her Warrington crib, eating her food and watching her television.

Senior Sergeant Trevor Thomson, of Dunedin, said police were investigating after a family discovered this week their Station Rd holiday home had been broken into.

It could have occurred any time between Anzac Day and Monday, he said.

Crib owner Jo Blakely, of Gimmerburn, said her son, who studies in Dunedin, informed her on Monday.

''He came around and said it looks like someone has been sleeping in here,'' Mrs Blakely said.

The bedroom window was broken and the door unlocked, she said.

''They had watched TV, but nothing was stolen, except maybe some fireworks. They've just cooked food and made a mess. They ate all the junk food and drank all the alcohol. They've just had a party.''

It made her question whether it was safe for her to stay there alone, she said.

''I feel sick.''

Mrs Blakely came from Central Otago yesterday morning to look around the house and tidy up.

In early May her husband picked up a hitchhiker from Dunedin, she said.

''He went past the house, left the man in the car, didn't think anything of it. The man wrote down his name and phone number; none of it matched up.''

He dropped the man at what was supposedly his house.

''Then my husband's eftpos card disappeared and someone went into Dunedin and used it eight or 10 times on paywave before the bank stopped it.''

The lawn-mowing contractor called a week later to say the door had been left open.

She did not know whether the recent break-ins were related.

The Otago Daily Times understands the police are following positive leads.


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