Nutmeg, golf club, fists used in assaults

Take one aggrieved woman, add a golf club and a dash of nutmeg - you have the recipe for a violent break-up.

The woman, who has interim name suppression, appeared in the Dunedin District Court yesterday where she pleaded guilty to assault and assault with a weapon.

No convictions were entered because defence counsel Anne Stevens indicated there would be an application for a discharge without conviction at sentencing next month.

The woman had dated a Queenstown man for several months before the couple broke up on February 2.

The defendant did not take it well.

She turned up at her ex-partner's caravan at 11pm on February 7.

The victim was asleep.

She let herself in and aimed a barrage of punches at the man's face.

There was a brief respite for the drowsy ex but the assault resumed in bizarre fashion.

The defendant threw nutmeg into the man's ''eye area''.

Then the punches continued.

He grabbed her arms in a bid to stop the violence. The woman screamed: ''you broke up with me and left me on the street''.

The victim fled to a friend's home while the defendant stood outside shouting at him to ''man up''.

When that proved fruitless, she retrieved a golf club and waited for her ex-boyfriend in the darkness.

Hearing a commotion, another man - known to both parties - wandered over to find out what was going on.

Despite the enraged woman carrying a torch, she lashed out before confirming the man's identity.

''Are you scared, you coward?'' she shouted, the club poised over her shoulder.

The man raised his arm to protect his head and sustained a single blow.

Meanwhile, the ex-boyfriend had locked himself inside a sleep-out, much to the defendant's frustration.

She banged on the walls and called for him to come out.

Police later found the defendant at the hospital, where she admitted throwing punches and using the aromatic spice.

She explained she was upset about breaking up with the victim and had ''other issues'', as well.

The defendant had no previous convictions, the court heard.

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