Possum pelts pilfered in break-in

About $8000 of possum fur has been stolen from a Mosgiel shed.

Sr Sgt Craig Dinnissen, of Dunedin, said at the weekend police were informed of 60kg of fur being stolen from a Bush Rd property after a shed was broken into.

New Zealand Fur Council chairman Neil Mackie said the price of fur was about $130 per kg currently, which would make the haul worth $7800.

He was not aware of possum fur theft being a common occurrence.

"It's important to let the other players in the industry know, because they'll try to sell that through those channels."

He was not aware of a possum fur black market.

It took about 18 possums to make 1kg of plucked fur, he said.

This would mean to make the 60kg it would have taken 1080 possums.

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