Sentenced over 'array of serious weapons'

A woman found with an ''extraordinary array of serious weapons'' has been sentenced to community work.

Anna Marie Hunt-Selwood (39) was driving in Vogel St, when police pulled her over because of the false registration plates on her car.

When they spotted a 30cm purple-handled knife protruding from under the driver's seat it was enough to spark a search of the vehicle.

Under the same seat they located a 20cm fixed-blade knife.

In the driver's door was a 24cm black folding butterfly knife.

In Hunt-Selwood's purse were a 23cm silver and brown folding knife and a 19cm wood-handled letter opener.

Officers also discovered a blunt weapon - a tow-ball in a knotted sock.

Hunt-Selwood told police the items were in the car for her protection.

''The number and nature of the weapons was just extraordinary,'' Judge Emma Smith told the Dunedin District Court yesterday.

''They were positioned throughout the car in places easily reached by the driver.''

Defence counsel Brian Kilkelly said the incident on June 28 came just days after his client had bought the car from an acquaintance.

''The time of the offending was a particularly chaotic time of her life,'' he said.

Hunt-Selwood had just lost her home and access to her children.

Medical documents suggested the defendant was suffering from a drug-induced psychosis at the time, Mr Kilkelly said.

Things had improved recently though.

The court heard Hunt-Selwood had now moved to Dunedin permanently, had secured work as a florist and was being supported by her parents.

She had no convictions before pleading guilty to the representative charge of possessing an offensive weapon, Judge Smith noted.

''You pose a sentencing difficulty because of how serious the offence is, [measured] against an otherwise young woman of very good character,'' she said.

Hunt-Selwood was sentenced to 100 hours' community work.

All the weapons - including one knife she claimed had sentimental value - would be destroyed.