Bus hub teething troubles smoothed out

A bus drives past the bus hub in Great King St between Moray Pl and St Andrew St. Photo: Peter McIntosh
A bus drives past the bus hub in Great King St between Moray Pl and St Andrew St. Photo: Peter McIntosh
Wrinkles are being smoothed out in Dunedin's bus system in the weeks after big public transport changes.

The city's bus routes were fully altered by March 28, a week after the bus hub opened.

Since then, Otago Regional Council transport manager Gerard Collings said the transition had gone well and the hub was operating smoothly.

The sentiment was largely shared by Bus Users Support Group Otepoti Dunedin co-president Alex King.

''We think it's been relatively smooth. Some teething issues were addressed relatively quickly.''

One example was the council installing better signs by bus bays at the hub after some confusion over which bay was which.

The group's concerns continued about the lack of shelter outside the stops by Community House and the police station.

It had also heard customers experienced confusion with electronic timetables at the hub.

The council has promised to introduce real-time bus information for passengers later this year, but now the timetables are based on the pre-planned schedule.

''Sometimes a bus hasn't arrived, it goes off the timetable, and people start getting worried.''

The group had not heard too much in the way of cancelled and delayed buses.

''I think it's gone reasonably smoothly overall.

''Bus drivers have been very accommodating and helpful.''

Mr Collings said the main feedback it received was about the timetable map and the wider network.

''We're happy to receive and consider this feedback from our community, and we continue to monitor the service, the material and the wider network.''

Delays and late services were often related to other parts of the network, for example roadworks in the city.

Cancellations and delays are generally announced on social media by Orbus Dunedin.

Some motorists were still turning the wrong way in and out of the hub, but that was reducing they familiarised themselves with the new traffic rules, he said.

The council initially hired ''bus ambassadors'' helping passengers adapt to changes, however their tenure ended recently.


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