Mixed response to wedding venue plan at Tomahawk

A proposal to develop a wedding venue in a historic farm shed near the Tomahawk Lagoon has drawn the ire of some residents.

Ocean Grove residents Julie and Mark Caldwell want to develop a woolshed and a outdoor area on their 41ha farm into a function venue for hosting weddings and other ''special'' events.

A hearing on their application will be held on December 14.

When contacted yesterday Mrs Caldwell said they wanted to wait until after the hearing to discuss their plans.

Their application would allow up to 150 guests per event on no more than eight days in any month, though there would be no restriction on the number of events on a single day.

In their application the Caldwell's have said they envisaged the events would mostly be held during summer and on Saturday nights.

A condition of all bookings would be inside music was turned off at midnight and all guests would leave by 12.30am.

Efforts would also be made to protect the lagoon and wildlife.

Three neighbouring residents have opposed the application but at seven others have given their consent.

Those opposed are worried the increased activity in the rural area, such as noise from events and dust from traffic would have a negative impact on the community.

Te Runanga o Otakou also raised concerns about what impact the increased activity and noise in the area would have on the birdlife at the lagoon which was considered a significant wetland.

Dunedin City Council planner Melissa Shipman has recommended the proposal be granted subject to conditions including no more than 150 guests from 9am-9pm and 75 at other times.

She recommended no outdoor music after 9pm and none at all after midnight. Guest and staff vehicles on the property should be restricted to 25kmh, she said.


Yet again way too many restrictions being placed on the proposal, give them everything i.e. when they want to operate, amount of people to attend, but give them 6 months and tell the owners we will review in 6 months paying attention to the following points, and with any decision we will take in to account any complaints received from the local residents (R) local residents not others in Dunedin who have an Axe to grind, which you will be notified at the time of each of the complaints Failure for council to provide evidence results in that condition being passed as not a concern at the 6 months. What the current conditions are imo is old school lets make it as hard for you as possible because a. you haven't offered a sweetener, you don't have old money,