Two more houses in St Clair declared dangerous

Tom Dyer.
Tom Dyer.
Two more homes in St Clair are now considered dangerous after damage from a landslip was found to have spread to another property.

More cracking was found underneath a second Allandale Rd property earlier this week and, after engineers further inspected the property, it was decided it and another home below in Motu St needed to be evacuated.

The Dunedin City Council has now issued six dangerous building notices since last Wednesday, two in Allandale Rd and four in Motu St, because of the danger the slip is posing.

Council community services general manager Simon Pickford said while the cracking underneath the second house was not as significant as under the neighbouring property, it was enough to pose a danger.

There were still no indications of when the residents would be allowed to return, Mr Pickford said.

While it was frustrating for those residents, the council could not allow them to return until engineers said it was safe.

Two people had asked for assistance from the council to find accommodation and they would stay in a hotel until other arrangements could be made.

Both the Earthquake Commission and the council were having geotechnical investigations done on the area and they would probably give a clearer picture of what caused the slip.

Council staff have also continued to check wastewater and stormwater pipes in the area as a precaution.

Council 3 waters group manager Tom Dyer said the inspections had found a crack in the Allandale Rd wastewater pipe but it was unlikely to have contributed to the slip.

Since the pipe was bedded in concrete, any water coming from the crack would have been contained, Mr Dyer said.

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