Dead ducks found dumped at Dunedin beach

Warning: Contains graphic images

Dead ducks found near Long Beach are thought to have been illegally dumped by bird shooters.

The dead ducks were found near Long Beach. Photos supplied
The dead ducks were found near Long Beach. Photos supplied

Save Animals From Exploitation (SAFE) campaigns manager Jessica Chambers said the dumped ducks showed how little regard hunters can have for these animals.

A member of the public yesterday found 15-20 dead ducks, which had been dumped in a rest area where many families stop to feed birds.

"Every year public spaces are used as an illegal dumping ground for dead birds shot by hunters," Ms Chambers said.

The man who reported the issue contacted SAFE and the SPCA to report the dumping.

SAFE was calling on Minister for the Environment David Parker to ensure a process for reporting illegal bird dumping was easily accessible to members of the public.

It was unlikely the people responsible for this will be caught or face any kind of punishment.

"The reality is that this kind of behaviour will only stop when bird shooting is banned. Australia has already banned duck shooting in three states. New Zealand is long overdue for a ban on bird shooting."


What a waste of such tasty food.

I was in a bar in Marton some years ago, and a dozen+ shooters came in for the night. After many ales, they began to throw ducks heads around the bar, much to the disgust of the barmaids and patrons alike. But if blowing the heads off defenseless animals makes them feel like real men, then go for it..