Division over best course

South Dunedin residents are divided on whether embattled MP Clare Curran should continue to represent them in the capital.

After a brief and bizarre press conference, where a shaken Ms Curran said she would stay on as MP for Dunedin South before leaving without taking questions, the Otago Daily Times hit King Edward St to take the pulse of the electorate.

Right outside Ms Curran’s office a man, who asked to remain anonymous, said he did not believe she should continue.

"She’s not up to the job."

His wife agreed.

"I don’t think so either ... I think she should make a clean break."

However, the ODT soon met Curran loyalist Judy Harvey, who spoke warmly of the MP’s work for the electorate, especially during the area’s severe floods in recent years.

Outside the  Kiwibank-NZ Post Shop in King Edward St,  Herbert resident Pat Gunn suggested Ms Curran should step aside.

"I think competency is really important, and if she’s not competent in the job that she’s doing she should step aside."

Dinkum Donuts owner Shane Ayers agreed the repeated missteps from Ms Curran were troubling.

"I think you make the mistake once — I can understand that. You keep making the mistakes ... "

That said,  he remained undecided as to whether he would vote for her again.

"Yeah I don’t know — we’ll see what happens.

"She’s still got another two years to go yet.

"We all make mistakes, but do we keep punishing her?

"Hopefully, she’s learned her lesson by now."



Word on the street

1. What do you think about Clare Curran’s resignation as a minister?

2. Do you think she should continue as an MP for South Dunedin?


Judy Harvey
Judy Harvey
1. I think she’s done a lot for Dunedin ... The floods and everything else. I was a bit surprised the way she talked in Parliament, because she didn’t seem herself. She’s usually quite articulate.

2. Yeah, I think so. She’s done all right.

- Judy Harvey





Kevin Kemp
Kevin Kemp
1. Well, I’m sure there’s been worse things committed. I’m not entirely sure that I know exactly what went on, except she supposedly cocked up in the house of Parliament by not answering questions properly.

2. I don’t have enough information to make that sort of decision, really.

- Kevin Kemp (69)





Keegan Branks
Keegan Branks
1. Bloody fantastic. Best news all day.

2. No. Because she’s done nothing for ... South Dunedin. The only thing she’s done is held the council to account for the floods, but other than that ...  Bring in some new blood!

- Keegan Branks (28)






Ivan Bell
Ivan Bell
1. And so she should, too.

2. Yes, it’s not as bad as that. She does reasonably well, I think.

- Ivan Bell

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