Driver tries to flee police at checkpoint

A drunk man allegedly jumped out of a car to evade a police checkpoint in Dunedin. 

The man was one of a handful of drivers caught over the legal alcohol limit over the weekend.

Senior Sergeant Anthony Bond, of Dunedin, said officers were stationed in Cumberland St, at 8.40pm on Saturday, when a 49-year-old man jumped out of a car to flee police.

When police spoke to the man he denied driving, and recorded a breath alcohol level of 934mcg, Snr Sgt Bond said.

His licence was suspended for 28 days and he will appear in court at a later date.

At 8.40pm, at the same checkpoint, a 44-year-old woman recorded a breath alcohol content of 1065mcg, more than four times the legal limit.

She had her licence suspended for 28 days and was summonsed to appear in court.

At another checkpoint, at 9.10pm in Gowland St, another 44-year-old woman recorded a breath alcohol level of 1065mcg, had her licence suspended and was due to appear in court.

The following day, at 2pm in Duke St, police stopped a 21-year-old man driving without wearing a seatbelt.

He recorded a breath alcohol content of 903mcg, had his licence suspended and will appear in court at a later date.