Elderly blamed for slow driving

The issue of slow drivers in Mosgiel, highlighted in the Otago Daily Times this week, prompted some residents to blame elderly drivers.

Sergeant Kevin Davidson, of Mosgiel, said the ODT story ''struck a sweet spot'' with the public, who praised police for ticketing a slow motorist.

But the people commenting on Mosgiel motorists needed ''balance'', he said, because driving 30kmh among heavier traffic and pedestrians in Gordon Rd was more acceptable than areas such as Factory Rd.

On the ODT Facebook page, Kim Robson said older motorists drove her ''nuts''.

''Most of us don't have all day to follow people going under the speed limit.''

Jackie Hyslop said ''oldies' slow lanes'' could be more beneficial than cycle lanes.

Emma Moore wanted faster manoeuvres at Mosgiel intersections.

''The worst thing I've noticed in Mosgiel is how long it takes some people to get around a ... corner. Gaaaah.''

Nicole Whyte said she regularly had near misses in Mosgiel.

''I almost get hit a minimum of two times by elderly who just pull out without even looking.''

Carla Thomas said she was annoyed how Mosgiel motorists treated every day of the week as a Sunday.

Kim McKeay said she wrongly gave elderly people the benefit of the doubt when she followed a motorist travelling at 25kmh.

''I'm always curious to see whether it's an elderly person driving, and when I can see, it usually is.''

Emilee Bartlett said she avoided driving in central Mosgiel during the day, ''as every time I drive through I can guarantee that an old person will pull out in front of me or drive 10kmh down the road''.

Paul Crabbe was one of the few to defend older motorists yesterday.

''The problem stems not from age but from lack of education and testing.''

Motorists needed to be regularly tested to be deemed fit to drive and not wait until they were senior citizens to be retested, he said.

- shawn.mcavinue@odt.co.nz

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