Employee who abused cyclist apologises

A shot from the video. Photo: Supplied
A shot from the video. Photo: Supplied
A teenager who urged his truck driver colleague to run down a cyclist has apologised for his behaviour.

An expletive-laden video showed two employees of Clearwater Civil sitting in the cab of their truck as they travelled behind a cyclist in Portobello Rd on  Otago Peninsula.

The passenger urged the driver to run over the cyclist, before unleashing a torrent of abuse at the unwitting rider.According to Clearwater Civil, the abuser was a 16-year-old contractor who worked for the company.

The mother of the boy told  MediaWorks her son was remorseful and his attitude did not reflect his own opinions or those of the company.

He "deeply regrets" his comments and "underestimated how seriously his comments would be taken".

Clearwater Civil said in a statement it had concluded an investigation into the incident.

"We are satisfied that the young man involved is very regretful of his actions."

Meanwhile, a planned meeting between Steel & Tube staff and a cyclist who complained after a contractor’s truck was parked over a cycleway in Fryatt St was not held yesterday because the cyclist decided not to attend.

The cyclist said he did not attend the meeting because he did not believe staff from the contractor company, Fairfield Transport, had responded to questions about the incident accurately.

— Additional reporting NZME. 


At 16 years old, the pre-frontal cortex is not fully developed, which can cause young adults to spontaneously do or say irrational things.