Fog delays Dunedin flights

Fog at Dunedin International Airport delayed the landing of three flights from Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch this morning.

Airport operations manager Richard Roberts said affected arrivals included a flight from Wellington due to land at 8.50am, another from Auckland due at 9.10am and a third from Christchurch due at 9.45am.

All three circled above the Dunedin airport and one landed just before 10.30am, he said.

The other two delayed arrivals landed after the fog cleared.

Mr Roberts said it was not unusual for the airport to be shrouded in fog in February.

"Especially with the warm weather, there is more moisture in the air,'' he said.

A 6.50am departing flight bound for Wellington and another at 7.20am to Christchurch were able to get away on time.

At 8am a flight from Christchurch landed in Dunedin, and 20 minutes later returned to Christchurch as scheduled.

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