Free bus day to mark World Car Free Day

Queenstown will join Dunedin in having  a day of free buses to encourage drivers out of their cars.

Buses on both networks will be free for all of next Saturday as the Otago Regional Council celebrates World Car Free Day.

The council offered the free service in Dunedin last year, but this year Queenstown will be included.

Council chairman Stephen Woodhead said he hoped the day would entice more people to use public transport on a regular basis.

"We know it’ll be an enjoyable and reliable experience — much more relaxing than being in your car."

The congestion in Queenstown meant the council needed to get more people out of their cars.

Rising fuel prices and other car-related costs might push people on to buses, Mr Woodhead said.

Queenstown  Mayor Jim Boult said as the town grew people needed to think differently about how they got around where it was possible and practical.

Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull said the day was a "great opportunity" to try an alternative and more sustainable form of transport.

"Active transport can make us feel healthier and happier, while walking, biking and busing all have economic and environmental benefits."

NZ Transport Agency regional relationships director Jim Harland said as the free bus day was on a Saturday it would be a good chance to catch the bus with family or friends and "really enjoy the journey".

World Car Free Day is supported by more than 1000 cities worldwide and highlights alternatives to car travel.

Last year the council estimated the day resulted in $10,000 in lost revenue.


what about invercargill we need it to come on invercargill city council look after our public transport out there please