'Grease' the word for 2016

Grease is the word, after the success of Abba tribute musical Mamma Mia! in Dunedin earlier this year.

Mamma Mia! drew the largest local box office since Les Miserables in 1994 to the Regent Theatre, with more than 11,200 people attending the 10 performances in May.

The popularity of the show with Dunedin audiences has encouraged co-producer Taieri Musical Society to plan another big South Island premiere.

''In a market where the discretionary entertainment dollar is difficult to get, it is a staggering result and one that proves if the right show is selected it will be supported by our public,'' Taieri Musical Society president Tania Graham said yesterday.

The society announced yesterday it will co-produce Grease - The Arena Spectacular in July 2016, with Dunedin promoter Doug Kamo, with whom it collaborated on Mamma Mia!

''We want to continue to push creative boundaries, in terms of how we present musical theatre experiences, but also ensure it is financially viable and offers variety and opportunity for our local performers,'' Ms Graham said.

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