Biopsies show cancer in 24

Prostate cancer was diagnosed in 24 men during the urology super-clinic, figures released yesterday by the Southern District Health Board show.

Forty-seven prostate biopsies were performed in the November 18-19 clinic of more than 600 urology patients.

"This is about the expected rate of positive results for those who are referred for biopsies," urology clinical lead Al Hepburn said in a statement.

"Those previously identified as higher risk and needing biopsies most urgently had already received these prior to the super-clinic.

"It is not yet possible to evaluate the impact of the waiting lists on patient outcomes, but long waiting lists inherently create the opportunity for increased risk, and we are committed to preventing the situation that exposed patients to that risk from recurring in the future," Mr Hepburn said.

An external review this year of the troubled urology service found patients had waited up to three years for follow-up appointments, cancer patients more than six months for surgery, and surveillance cystoscopy cases were up to a year overdue. 

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