Heyday of 4XO remembered

The old 4XO team shared stories at the weekend to remember the hectic days at the former Dunedin radio station.

About 80 people gathered at The Savoy on Saturday night for a 4XO reunion.

Founders, past chief executives and announcers from the now-defunct station were all there, sharing stories of the old times.

The local station began in 1971 as Radio Otago 4XO.

Radio Otago would later acquire many other stations across the country and in 1999 merged with Energy FM and Radio Pacific to create the company which would become Mediaworks.

The station’s run ended in 2003 and its spot was replaced with More FM.

Reunion organiser Susan Craig, who worked there between 1990 and 1996, said the gathering was a chance for everyone to "reconnect and reminisce".

"We had a really nice dinner, drinks and general revelry."

She decided to organise the function because her time at the station was some of the best of her life, she said.

"I thought, ‘I’m just going to do it’."

She had some "amazing experiences" at the station, she said.

"It was crazy, it was fantastic, it was hectic. We worked incredibly hard. So many amazing creative people, working with great clients throughout the city."

It could get "scary" working at the station during traumatic events, she said.

"During the Bain tragedies and Aramoana. That could be really intense."

She planned to organise another reunion in 2021 for the station’s 50th anniversary.


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