Hot day forecast for region

Get your shorts, singlets and sun-block ready, folks - today could be a cracker.

The MetService is forecasting temperatures up to 27degC in Dunedin, 28degC in Alexandra, 26degC in Oamaru, and 24degC in Queenstown and Wanaka.

Meteorologist Claire Flynn said the temperatures would be well above average for this time of year, if the forecast came about.

The average high for November was 17degC in Dunedin, 21degC in Alexandra, 16degC in Oamaru, 19degC in Wanaka and 18degC in Queenstown, she said.

"We've got northwesterlies over the South Island, which is bringing in warm air anyway, but as that air goes up and over the mountains, it dries out and warms up even more as it goes down the other side.

"That's the perfect situation for really hot temperatures.''

She said today's temperatures might be very warm for this time of year, but they were not expected to be record breakers.

The hottest November days were recorded at Dunedin Airport (31.1degC) in November 2009; Alexandra (31.9degC) in November 2010; Oamaru Airport (30.9degC) in November 2008; Queenstown Airport (28.5degC) in November 2010; and Wanaka Airport (31.4degC) in November 2010.

However, the warm weather would be short lived, she said.

It would remain quite warm tomorrow morning, with temperatures in the low 20s, but a southerly change would hit mid-afternoon, bringing cooler weather and some rain to the region.

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