Independent debt examiner proposed

Bev Butler
Bev Butler
Former Stop the Stadium president Bev Butler has proposed the Dunedin City Council employ someone with no Dunedin connections and no potential conflicts of interest to investigate ways to reduce Dunedin's debt burden.

"I also suggest this person have qualifications in forensic accounting," she told the annual plan hearings committee, "and be given open access to all information as requested."

Ms Butler brought a five-page submission to the council yesterday, with her suggestions on where "savings and efficiencies can be made".

"Until the DCC is investigated so that the council/public see exactly where and how spending is occurring, then tackling debt will be piecemeal at best."

She suggested making savings from aspects of the Logan Park redevelopment, including the New Zealand Academy of Sport building and the tennis club, and spending by Dunedin Venues Management Ltd.

The Chinese Garden should be given to the Chinese community, and council staff should not receive perks.

She recommended an "immediate, full investigation" into Carisbrook Stadium Trust spending, and said council staff should be used rather than "rushing in to employ new staff" or employing consultants.


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