Investigation was big job

The man who led the investigation into a $1.59 million fraud at the Dunedin City Council says ''a lot of work'' went into it.

Deloitte partner Kyle Cameron said he and forensic associate director David Seath spent four to six weeks on the $222,000 report, interviewing more than 60 people.

Another four or five people were involved to a lesser degree, including forensic lab assistants who ''crunched the numbers'' in Wellington''It's slightly different to some private sector organisations where you have got one or two people within the line of responsibility, '' Mr Cameron said.

Asked if he was shocked about the missing cars not being picked up Mr Cameron said: ''Certainly. It [would] shock anyone.''

''A lot of our investigations are around fraud that has been identified but certainly wouldn't usually have been carried on over the number of years that this has been.

''The environment wasn't good ... and the controls were weak,'' he said,Deloitte largely finished its work once the report was complete in August.