Kart club offers track

An alternative track has been offered to the Otago Radio Control Car Club, after vandals damaged its purpose-painted racing area in St Kilda, Dunedin, this week.

KartSport Dunedin president Viv Patrick said members of the radio control car club were welcome to use the kart club's track in Milners Rd, North Taieri.

The sealed track was also offered to other community groups and organisations, such as play centres for children's cycling, she said.

Otago Radio Control Car Club president Jamie Scott, of St Kilda, said the offer was encouraging and much appreciated.

He would contact club members about using the kart track, he said.

The club's painted race course within the car parking area next to the Dunedin Ice Stadium was damaged when ''boy racers'' poured diesel on the asphalt and performed doughnuts and burnouts in their cars, Mr Scott said.

He believed the vandalism occurred on Sunday evening and he notified the police and the Dunedin City Council.

It would cost thousands to repaint the track and members were reluctant to risk damaging their cars by racing on the diesel-slicked surface, Mr Scott said.

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