Killed dog a sweetie, former owner says

Diesel the dog.
Diesel the dog.
A former owner of Diesel, the Jack Russell dog violently killed by Jeffrey Hurring in Dunedin earlier this year, says she is relieved some justice has been done for a dog that was "a sweetie".

Hurring (19) was yesterday sentenced in the Dunedin District Court to a year in prison.

He killed the 18-month-old dog by strangling it, pouring petrol down its throat and then hitting it over the head with a shovel.

"What he did is disgusting. Diesel deserved some justice," said the woman, who did not want to be identified for fear of retribution.

She said re-homing the 18-month-old dog late last year had not been a decision taken likely.

"I wish I never had. I wish I'd never given him away."

Hurring was drinking at the house of Diesel's new owner when he said he would put down the dog for her after it bit a child.

During their investigation, SPCA staff learned the dog had been taunted by children during the previous two months. At one stage, a vacuum cleaner was attached to the dog's testicles.

Diesel's former owner said the dog was never aggressive when living with her family.

"He was a sweetie, just a typical Jack Russell - full of beans. He definitely would not have hurt anyone intentionally."

The family had the dog since he was six weeks old, but had to re-home him when her work meant she could no longer let him off the chain as often as needed.

Her family vetted potential owners and decided on the new owner because she had a large fenced section, had come with her parents who owned fox terriers, and had children.

She told the new owner if there were any problems she should call and she would come and get Diesel. She rang several times to check on the dog, but was told it was fine.

"We assumed everything would be good."

When she heard of the dog's fate she felt ill.

In tears after court yesterday, she said she was pleased Hurring received a significant sentence.


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