Long term plan to be decided

The Dunedin City Council will sit today to decide on a long term plan that should result in a 3.8% rates rise when rates are set for the next financial year.

What Mayor Dave Cull called ''a bloody big agenda'' will include debate on the Government's Remuneration Authority review of councillors' pay, under which Mr Cull's pay will rise in the new financial year by 2.9% to $150,150, and councillors' up 7.3% to $54,500.

The authority determines pay rates independently of local bodies, which cannot decline them, but it is up to ratepayers to fund them.

The meeting will also debate a plan for a freedom camping bylaw that would make rules more enforceable, and a plan to approve $250,000 of funding for Gigatown in Dunedin.

That money, if approved, would include $100,000 for a Gigatown project co ordinator.


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