Mystery object captured on Royal Cam

An unknown object zipping through the air on the Dunedin's Royal Albatross Colony's webcam remains a mystery as staff at the centre are unable to identify it.

This morning a video was posted on social media showing clips from the webcam at Taiaroa Head.

A white object is seen speeding across the camera in the distance. It appears to leave a trail behind it.

Otago Peninsula Trust marketing manager Sophie Barker said "the UFO remains unidentified" after her team investigated the footage.

Theories included birds, waves, grass blowing and drones, although the latter was not allowed in the airspace, she said.

"And of course aliens trying to get a free look at the world's most famous royals."

The woman who posted the videos said she was "super curious" to see what others thought the object was.

A myriad of suggestions were offered by commenters, but no consensus was reached. 


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