Ocean Dr speed limit debate

The speed limit on Dunedin's John Wilson Ocean Dr will be debated at the next meeting of the full Dunedin City Council.

Councillors will consider a report on the various cost and design options for three speed limits - 50kmh, 30kmh or 20kmh.

Members of the community development committee yesterday noted a report on the options, as requested by the full council at its last meeting, which will be considered by the full council at its next meeting, on December 10.

The council decided at its October 29 meeting to choose an option that would see the road resealed basically as two lanes - a 5m-wide traffic carriageway and a 4m-wide path for pedestrians and cyclists - separated by intermittent 2m-wide planted islands.

Bollards blocking the road to vehicles would be removed each weekday between 11am and 3pm.

The option came with a 50kmh speed limit. However, councillors left the decision on speed limit on the table while they sought the further information from staff.

The original proposal was for a 30kmh speed limit, but the speed limits bylaw subcommittee subsequently recommended it be reduced to 20kmh. The speed limit decision could make the earlier decisions moot, as it dictates road design and cost.

Staff say if councillors realistically want people to stick to a lower speed limit, more traffic-calming measures, at more cost, will be required. The options are a 50kmh limit, which would cost $140,000 ($20,000 less then the previous estimate); a 30kmh limit costing $120,000, but involving speed humps; a 20kmh limit costing $170,000 and involving the installation of planted plots that would act as one-way slow points along the road.

Just over $70,000 towards the project has already been included in the council's 2012-13 budget. The rest would have to be found from other budgets.

The report also noted Ski Dogs NZ's offer of $10,000 to specially seal a section of the road for ski dog training was withdrawn if the road was to be used by vehicles.


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