Pin pulled on paint party

The pin has been pulled on a paint party planned for the heart of Dunedin's student area in February.

The decision comes following the rejection of a liquor licence application for the event.

The application by Summer of Colours Ltd event organiser Jamie Templeton attracted strong opposition from police, Public Health South and the Dunedin City Council's licensing inspector, as well as concern from the Fire Service and the Otago University Students' Association.

They voiced concerns about unintended consequences the event might have for students, users of the park and the area in general.

Last week, the Dunedin district licensing committee rejected an application for the Summer of Colours Ltd paint party, scheduled to be held at Logan Park on February 28 next year.

Mr Templeton, of Wellington, said after much consideration, he had decided not to go ahead with the event.

''There were a variety of factors that led to this decision,'' he said.

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