Plant fix eases Outram water restrictions

Voluntary water restrictions at Outram have been lifted, after a technical problem at the town's water treatment plant was fixed.

The water supply reservoir had also been running low, prompting the Dunedin City Council to ask residents last month to conserve water, but levels had since returned to normal.

"Residents have been vigilant and patient over the last few weeks as our team has resolved a technical issue at the Outram Water Treatment Plant," council Three Waters planning manager Jared Oliver said.

"It’s with thanks to their diligence that we can lift voluntary restrictions at this time."

Nonetheless, the council asked residents yesterday to "continue with their good efforts to use water wisely".

"Although the weather has not been hot and dry this summer, we’re still expecting to have dry conditions over the next few months."

There were "lots of easy steps residents can take to lessen their water use".

They included:

  • Use a watering can or handheld hose for the garden, instead of a sprinkler
  • Water the garden between 8pm and 8am to minimise evaporation
  • Wash the car from a bucket rather than hosing
  • Sweep paths, rather than water-blasting or hosing them
  • Take shorter showers
  • Use a small bowl rather than a full sink to wash vegetables
  • Turn off the tap when brushing teeth and shaving.