School still likely to close

After considering a commissioner's report on the state of Rotary Park School, Education Minister Hekia Parata has recommended the school continue its closure process.

School commissioner Cleave Hay said the Minister's determination was made after considering submissions from pupils, staff, families and community members.

A second round of consultation with the school community would be conducted on May 22, he said.

"This now provides me with up to 28 days to file a third report which might include any further arguments in favour of the school remaining open.

"The Minister will then consider that report, and if she determines to close the school, she will formally set and gazette the notice to close, and the date of closure."

The closure process was initiated earlier this year because of low pupil numbers.

Mr Hay said it was hoped, if the school was to close, that it would happen at the end of the 2012 teaching year.

Keeping the school open for the remainder of the year would allow the year 6 pupils to graduate without having to change schools twice in the next 12 months.

Following the first round of consultation, Mr Hay said some people wanted the school to remain open indefinitely.

However, the majority had accepted that the school was likely to close at some stage, he said.



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