School's history launched

Photo by Linda Robertson.
Photo by Linda Robertson.
Dunedin historian Dr Rory Sweetman at the launch of his Otago Boys' High School 150-year history, Above the City: A History of Otago Boys' High School 1863-2013, at the school on Thursday.

The launch was attended by more than 200 former staff and pupils.

''It has been rather a long saga, so I'm pleased the book is finally out and can be judged on its merits, rather than by what people fear might be in it,'' Dr Sweetman said last night.

More than 400 staff and pupils contributed their memories to the history, which was commissioned by the school three years ago for its 150th celebrations in August.

However, the school delayed the publication due to controversial content about two former rectors, the late Ted Aim and the late Don MacLachlan.

According to the book, Mr Aim was the subject of a staff mutiny in the 1950s, while Mr MacLachlan had a romantic liaison with a staff member in the 1980s.

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