SDHB seeks quotes to repair leaks

The Southern District Health Board is getting builders' quotes to fix Dunedin Hospital's leaking surgical theatre suite.

The board confirmed it had received the builder's report it commissioned to find the cause of the leaks. Finance director Peter Beirne said in an emailed statement the report and subsequent costings would go before the board at the next meeting, on June 5

''The investigation for the clinical services building report is complete and costs are being obtained.''

In the meantime, immediate repair work was being carried out, including sealing cracks in a parapet wall above the theatres, Mr Beirne said.

Chairman Joe Butterfield said when contacted that if the cost of fixing the problem was more than management's delegated spending limit, he would obtain board members' approval before the June 5 meeting.

''If, indeed, there is something that needs to be done yesterday, and it needed approval of the board because of the size of the cost, than I wouldn't hesitate to look at emailing the board [for approval].''

Parts of the surgical theatre suite, on the hospital's fifth floor, were drenched during heavy rain last month, on Good Friday. The rain desterilised some surgical equipment, prompting the board to take action on the long-standing problem.

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