Speed limits on agenda for board

Speed limits are among several agenda items to be discussed at the Saddle Hill Community Board meeting tomorrow.

Chairman Scott Weatherall said the board would discuss a desire for a consistent speed limit being set on Brighton Rd, between Green Island and south of Brighton, and a 40kmh speed limit outside all Dunedin schools.

At the meeting, a ''brainstorming'' session would reveal if any more areas in the district were suitable for freedom campers.

''I think we've definitely got that capability down the coast for self-contained freedom campers.''

The board also wanted better drainage at Brighton Domain, he said.

''It's in a state where you need gumboots to cross it - it's just not good enough.''

Another hot topic would be the board's work with the community to create a submission on the council's natural hazard review.

''We've been working really, really closely with the community,'' Mr Weatherall said.

The review had implications for some residents living between Westwood and Brighton.

After the meeting, the board would hold a workshop to review the community plan to ensure it was a ''dynamic document''.

At the meeting, in the Otaru Room at the Dunedin City Council at 3.30pm, the board's $1000 youth scholarship winner would be announced, he said.

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