Strange excitement as sun appears above Dunedin

Breaking news - a strange glowing object has been seen in the sky above Dunedin.*

After what feels like a month of no sun, the clouds have finally parted today, prompting a flurry of ironic comments on Twitter.

"Dunedin what is this ball of heat and light in the sky? I am scared. I haven't seen something like this in a long time," tweeted student Adam Dempsey.

"Hot in Dunedin? This must be a mistake. 22 degrees is a mistake," wrote Kili Tamua, reflecting a mood of disbelief after a dismal run of cold, gray days.

Others were just content to celebrate.

"Ahh what a lovely day in Dunedin today! FINALLYYYY!!" tweeted Elaina Loveridge.

More experienced weather watchers had a different take on the unexpected warmth.

'Don't tempt me like this...southerly coming our way," tweeted Michael McQueen.

For the record, the Dunedin City Council website showed a temperature of 21degC at 1pm.

* By the time you have read this story the sun may have disappeared again.


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