Town's playcentre hoping to boost roll to keep programme running

The Outram Playcentre hopes to boost numbers to avoid closing some of its programmes.

The centre runs sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays and caters to 15 families.

Outram Playcentre co-president Rachel Wilson said the centre was looking to boost its numbers to make it economically viable to afford a paid supervisor, especially for its Monday Boost to School Programme.

The centre received funding based on enrolments and even finding three or four more children for Boost to School would make a difference, she said.

''We just want to get it out there that we do have a good wee centre,'' she said.

The Boost to School programme consisted of semi-structured sessions aimed at getting children aged 3 and a-half to 6 ready for school.

The group had a set amount of time to focus on such things as the weather or numbers.

The rest of the time was free play, and the older pupils would go to Outram School for music with the new-entrant class.

''It's a good stepping stone before heading to school,'' Mrs Wilson said.

The general playcentre groups catered for children aged up to 5, with children being encouraged to learn while they played.

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