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In the physio pool (from left) are Jo Nolan, Sue Duncan, Ivy Cockburn, Ingrid O'Connell (front),...
In the physio pool (from left) are Jo Nolan, Sue Duncan, Ivy Cockburn, Ingrid O'Connell (front), Jill Chalmers, Jeanne Ross (back) and Nola Lawrence. Photo by Peter MCIntosh.

The effort to save the physio pool has brought swimmers together, fundraising volunteer Ingrid O'Connell says.

Before the fundraising started, swimmers tended to greet one other with a friendly ''Hello'', but not know each other by name.

Now, many had become involved in events to raise the $1.5million needed to save the pool, and had got to know one another.

The Otago Therapeutic Pool fundraising campaign has reached more than $767,000.

The main donation this week was $50,000 from the Dunedin Casinos Charitable Trust.

Chairman Stan Rodger said the pool's funding request stood out from the rest of the ''strong applications''.

This was because of the large number of people who stood to derive benefit from the planned pool upgrade, Mr Rodger said.

One swimmer giving time to help is Jo Nolan, who had major back surgery in January.

Unable to work during her recovery, she is using her spare time to help the pool that is helping her to recover.

When Mrs Nolan's physiotherapist suggested she use the pool, she was a ''a bit dubious'' at first.

''The pool undoubtedly played a major role in recovery.

''You can do all your exercises you need to do.

''We all work around each other and help each other if help is needed.

''I can't imagine doing this in a public swimming pool amongst the general public with all the noise.''

Mrs Nolan said her group is selling raffles at The Warehouse South Dunedin from 10am today.

There were also tickets available for a Fun Casino Night on August 8 at St Kilda Bowling Club.

''Please remember we are not a major organisation; we are just normal people who have either ailments or surgeries who need this pool to help us recover,'' Mrs Nolan said.


TV special

• Dunedin TV will air a one-hour special tonight at 7.30pm about the campaign, featuring interviews with community groups, and a studio panel discussion about the pool.

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