Vandervis told to produce 'evidence'

Richard Thomson.
Richard Thomson.
Mayor Dave Cull and Cr Lee Vandervis locked horns yesterday after the latter claimed to have ''plenty of evidence'' of tender fraud involving the council.

The comment, as councillors at yesterday's full council meeting signed off on a new sensitive expenditure policy, prompted a point of order from Cr Jinty MacTavish, who labelled his comment ''disrespectful'' and challenged him to produce evidence.

Cr Vandervis pointed to coverage of the council's high-profile Citifleet fraud, but Mr Cull said that was not a case of tender fraud.

Cr Vandervis hit back, telling the meeting he had provided other evidence to Mr Cull in confidence in the past, and could produce it publicly at the meeting, if needed.

Mr Cull denied that, saying no evidence of tender fraud had been given to him - ''that's the problem''.

The new policy covered everything from travel and accommodation to entertainment and hospitality, but not contracts and tendering, which Cr Vandervis wanted included as well.

Cr Richard Thomson, chairman of the council's finance committee, said that was not needed, as those issues were covered by a separate procurement policy.