View conflicting speed limit signs creating confusion

Speed signs on State Highway 1 near Allanton show two very different speed limits yesterday...
Speed signs on State Highway 1 near Allanton show two very different speed limits yesterday morning. PHOTO: SANDRA RAMPE
A Dunedin driver says conflicting speed limit signs are sowing confusion among drivers.

Allanton resident Sandra Rampe said there had been conflicting signs on State Highway 1 just outside of Allanton for the past few weeks during roadworks on the stretch of road.

Photos taken by her show a speed sign on one side of the road showing 100kmh, while the sign on the other side of the road shows a speed limit of 30kmh.

The opposite side of one sign shows a speed limit of 60kmh, while the opposite side of the other sign shows 30kmh.

"So what is the speed limit? Thirty? One hundred? Sixty? How is a person supposed to see the lower speed limit on the other side of the road when a truck is passing?

"I wonder every morning when I see that signage ‘just what is going on there?’ Maybe you can choose what speed you want to use."

There were regularly issues in the area with traffic management, Ms Rampe said.

For example, when staff took down cones in the evening they were often left in people’s driveways, forcing them to stop on the side of the highway to move the cones before being able to get into their driveway.

"Traffic management over Otago is totally over the top and things are just bizarre, and it costs a lot — we really have to think about where money is going.

"This city is a mess of cones and traffic management — do they get paid by the cone?"

A NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi highway management spokesman said the photo appeared to have been taken during the set-up of the temporary traffic management and was therefore a short-term, unavoidable issue that posed no safety risks.

"The traffic management crew has to circle around the site to install the signs safely from the same side of the road as the signs truck.

"This means there is a short period of time during set-up when there will be conflicting temporary speed limit signs.

"The power company doing this work has kept NZ Transport Agency well informed of the effects upon the highway throughout this work."