The waiting is the hardest part

Climate activists sit in anticipation on couches and chairs outside Dunedin's Kiwibank on Moray Pl yesterday to symbolise the wait for the bank to announce a fossil-free policy.

About 10 members of 350 Otepoti set up seating and tables outside the bank as part of a national "waiting room" demonstration.

Kiwibank does not invest in fossil fuelsbut the group wants it to ensure this into the future.

Group spokesman Jack Brazil said the company had been "stalling" for 7 months since it announcing it would create such a policy.

"We're here to demand they be revolutionaries and set the precedent for all banks in New Zealand to divest from fossil fuels."

Kiwibank external communications manager Kara Tait said it had developed a policy which would inform future decisions on the type of companies it invested in and how it combated climate change, but was unable to say when that would be released.

"We need to ensure that our policy and strategy is deliberate and meaningful, so it drives the real change our customers desire."


Be nice to know if these people are members of Kiwibank or just virtue signaling.
Ps. Kiwibank is funded by Citibank.... Look where the funding comes from and you'll understand the pointlessness of this 'demonstration'

You don't have to be a customer to protest.

'Virtue signalling' is the cynic's interpretation of actions designed to make a difference.

Obviously they'd rather freeze in the dark. NZ should do it's tiny bit to stop polluting, while China, India and Russia.........

One wonders how many of these so called "Climate activists" have gainful employment and how many are on a benefit of some kind.

Because unemployed people and pensioner beneficiaries should not be engaged upon Activism.

We only listen to the Top End of Town.


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