Global Insight: Russian withdrawal best scenario

New Zealand hopes Ukraine does not accept any deals to end Russia's invasion, Professor Robert Patman has told Global Insight.

In response to suggestions Ukraine should accept a land-for-peace deal to end the five month war, the University of Otago foreign affairs specialist said Ukraine forcing Russia to withdraw would best serve the interests of New Zealand, which depends on states abiding by the international rules-based order.

"From a New Zealand point of view, we would . . . prefer support for Ukraine continued to the point where the costs of war became prohibitive for the Putin regime and it was forced to withdraw troops from Ukraine," Prof Patman said.

Prof Patman also addressed Russia's use of energy and food as weapons of war; the potential for division in Europe over gas supply from Russia; whether Ukraine could be forced to accept a land-for-peace deal; and, the likelihood of China being emboldened by a Russian victory. 


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