Global Insight: What China could lose if it invades Taiwan

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The threat of China invading Taiwan is real, but the cost to China would be substantial, Professor Robert Patman says.

Speaking on Global Insight, the University of Otago foreign affairs specialist said China making good on its threat to use force to reclaim Taiwan would come at a cost, militarily and economically.

Prof Patman also said New Zealand is caught in a difficult position because of its strong relationship with both China and Taiwan.


The Chinese leadership is well aware of the risks and consequences attached to an invasion of Taiwan but must be emboldened by the lack of action by the international community in the face of the continued assault on Hong Kong, the situation over the plight of the Uighurs, the stance on Tibet and the continued aggression i the South China Sea. As long as New Zealand and other countries continue to treat China as a profitable trading partner they will continue their aggressive expansion of their sphere of influence and domination thereof.

The trouble with totalitarian countries is that their leadership always believes might is right. Be it military might or economic, it makes little difference to them.
China has a chip on it's shoulder about how things ended for their last war, even though they won most of it. They also have a chip on the other shoulder regarding what they call the century of shame regarding Western nations. They also believe that democracy doesn't work and that Marxist, totalitarian governments of an elite political ruling class does a better job of lifting people out of poverty.
They believe this because of China's recent economic rise and have no appreciation of what Western systems and markets have provided.
No good deed goes unpunished and we will see the price we have to pay in allowing a Socialist government to become a superpower.


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