Queenstown deputy role in mayor's hands

Calum MacLeod. Photo: ODT files
Calum MacLeod. Photo: ODT files
A question mark hangs over whether or not Calum MacLeod will remain deputy mayor of the Queenstown Lakes District.

While Mr MacLeod was re-elected to the council at the weekend, fellow Wanaka ward councillor Quentin Smith received more votes.

The convention has been for the highest-polling Wanaka councillor to be deputy mayor, although an exception was made in 2013 when Lyal Cocks retained the position even though Mr MacLeod was the highest-polling candidate.

Both councillors said yesterday they were happy to leave the decision to Mayor Jim Boult, and neither man suggested they would turn down the job if asked.

Mr Boult said yesterday he would make a decision next week.



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