10-year-old charged over death of Kiwi boy

A 10-year-old boy has been charged with manslaughter over the killing of a 6-year-old Auckland boy.

Mohammed Khubeb Khan died after being shot at a building site near Lautoka, in Fiji.

A 14-year-old cousin, Mohammed Nabil Khan, was hospitalised after being shot in the same incident and is still being treated for his injuries.

Now, Fiji police have taken the decision to charge the 10-year-old with manslaughter.

The gun's licensed owner, 37-year-old pilot Mohammad Rizwan Khan, faces the same charge.

Fiji's director of public prosecutions, Christopher Pryde said the decision to charge the 10-year old was "not an easy one".

"This is a tragic set of circumstances, however we must remember that a six-year-boy has lost his life," he said.

"The courts ultimately will decide guilt or innocence but at present, there is sufficient evidence to justify laying charges against both the man and the boy."

The 10-year-old, who has name suppression, will be tried as a juvenile.

He has been granted bail and will next appear at Lautoka Magistrates Court on February 25 for a judge to decide whether the matter should be transferred to the High Court.

The Department of Social Welfare has been advised and are fully involved with the case, Mr Pryde said.

- Kurt Bayer of APNZ

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