Email survey scam, Countdown says

An email offering cash rewards for completing a survey about Countdown is a scam, the company says.

The survey was sent out across the country on Monday, prompting many to contact the supermarket to see if it was legitimate.

The email stated: "Taking into account that the holidays are approaching, Countdown has decided to give them a cash bonus to all persons who are shopping at Countdown Supermarkets."

Recipients were asked to click on a forwarding address where they were encouraged to answer five questions.

In return, they would be given a $A50 reward if they provided contact details and a credit card number.

Countdown public affairs manager Luke Schepen said it was not a legitimate survey.

"We wouldn't ask for these details in a survey. It's a scam."

Countdown was alerted to the scam by more than 20 people who had called from around the country to see if it was legitimate, he said.

However, he was not aware of anyone who had been "taken advantage of" by the scam.

While the spelling and grammar was good compared with many spam emails, he said there were indications it was not legitimate.

There were no Countdown logos in the email, and the sender's address was, he said.


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