Greens put spotlight on drug reform

The Green Party is highlighting its policy to allow adults to grow and possess cannabis for personal use with new ‘‘420’’ campaign stickers.

The ‘‘420 Reasons to Vote Green’’ stickers come as the Green Party promotes itself as the most likely to push for meaningful drug law reforms.

National has ruled out decriminalising cannabis and Labour says some changes could be made but reform is not a priority.

Gareth Morgan’s new Opportunities Party has announced policy to allow two cannabis plants per person for personal use.

420 is a well-known term that refers to consumption of cannabis.

A poll commissioned by the Drug Foundation last year found 64% of respondents thought personal possession of a small amount of cannabis should be either legal or decriminalised.


What baffles me most about this whole issue is that a country that is working to become smoke free has parties talking about legalising smoking cannabis. That has to be more ironic that anything Alanis has sung about, and more of a joke than Donald Trump as president.

We'd be the laughing stock of the rest of the world. How different would the Duty Free stores look!