Hundreds march against Len Brown

Hundreds of people marched on Auckland's Queen St today calling for mayor Len Brown to resign.

The embattled mayor did not turn up to the protest, despite an invitation for him to speak to the crowd, but his face was plastered on banners and signs as the 300-strong march made its way up the main city centre shopping strip.

Chants of "Len Brown stand down" and "If it's Brown flush it down" echoed out, drawing attention from shoppers and bystanders who stopped to watch the protest go by.

People of all ages came out to show their anger at Mr Brown, pointing not just at his affair with council advisor Bevan Chuang, but his economic policies, hotel upgrades and plans for the city.

However, the protesters were met with a few protesters themselves, as a number of people disrupted the proceedings to voice their support of Mr Brown.

One woman, who interrupted the speeches at Aotea Sq, almost caused a brawl, as a row erupted between her and another woman in the crowd.

Her repeated disruptions prompted police to escort her away from the protest.

- Patrice Dougan of APNZ

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