Ministry of Health calls staff meetings as job cuts loom

Photos: RNZ
Photos: RNZ
Ministry of Health staff facing job losses have been invited to special meetings as the department tries to cut costs.

Government departments, including the Ministry of Health and Oranga Tamariki, are getting closer to finalising their proposals to axe jobs as they scramble to find the savings demanded by the coalition.

Ministries have been ordered to find between 6.5 and 7.5 percent in savings and hundreds of roles are on the chopping block.

A statement from a Ministry of Health spokesperson said an all-staff meeting is scheduled for Thursday.

At the meeting, director-general Dr Daiana Sarfati would release the "organisational change" proposal outlining the cuts.

Staff were previously told a quarter of roles - nearly 200 - are likely to go.

Consultation will run from 4-26 April and final decisions based on worker feedback will be made by the end of June.

It was expected a new organisational structure will be announced in August.

Oranga Tamariki has not made its official proposal yet, but its chief executive was meeting with workers across the country to discuss what to expect.

In a statement, Chappie Te Kani said formal consultation will begin in mid April and final decisions on job losses will be made after that.

He said frontline staff working with children and whānau will not be affected.

Te Kani said it was a tough time for staff and any changes will prioritise the safety of children and be discussed in depth with those affected, unions and service providers.