Nationalist seeks to create 'mini-state' in Canterbury

A leaked email outlines attempts to create a European "mini-state" in North Canterbury.

Former National Front leader and skinhead Kyle Chapman wrote the email to the National Alliance -- a far-Right group -- and the email was leaked on to the internet.

The email begins with "Hello Patriots" and calls for donations to help build a "Nationalist Land Base".

The first base would be set up in North Canterbury, Mr Chapman's email said.

It would have a school, accommodation, a meeting house for leaders and "active Nationalists".

Other features at the base would be a training area for "sport fighting" and "survivalist training" and it would be a "protected community".

"With an ever decreasing European population we face the real risk of having no power in our Nation," he said.

"We must act to build a unified mini state that we could build up in future to be a base for other like minded Europeans to come to from other dying countries."

Waimakariri MP Clayton Cosgrove told The Press newspaper the idea was "nutty".

"He's 50 or 60 years behind the world. People have moved on. It's crackpot stuff," he said.

The language used in the email "bred hate and division", said Mr Cosgrove.

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