Scattering ashes may require permission

A proposal to stop the scattering of ashes at public places without Auckland Council permission will have an significant impact on families, says the Funeral Directors Association.

The council is proposing a bylaw under which permission from the council is needed to scatter ashes at public places other than those the council has set aside within cemeteries for this purpose.

"The impact of this on families is potentially significant," said association chief executive Katrina Shanks.

"It will affect the many families who wish to discreetly deposit the ashes at a favourite place.

"Also Hindu families often wish to to scatter ashes in the sea within 24 hours of cremation. This would make that problematic."

Ms Shanks said the association was seeking clarification from the council as to how consent would be sought and approved, and who would monitor and police any breaches.

Many of the proposed changes to replace the cemetery and crematoria bylaws of the seven former councils by November 2014 were insensitive to the cultural, religious and social needs of families and were too restrictive, said Ms Shanks.

- By the NZ Herald

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