Weather reporter hits back at Te Reo critics

Kanoa Lloyd
Kanoa Lloyd
3 News weather presenter Kanoa Lloyd says she gets criticised on a weekly basis about using Te Reo during her segments.

Lloyd, who has been fronting the weather for TV3 since September, told Radio New Zealand viewers write to her requesting that she stops referring to New Zealand as Aotearoa.

"I thought I had a bit of a thick skin but I've never really encountered people who take offence to Maori being used," she said.

"I think some people are also a bit challenged by the fact that I sometimes refer to the North and South islands by their Maori names: Te Ika-a-Maui and Te Waipounamu, and I say 'Kia Ora'.

"I try to use kupu in that format as much as I possibly can."

TV3 told Radio NZ they backed Lloyd and urged complainants to "keep watching".

"We're not going to stop speaking Maori and if people are challenged by it we just encourage them to keep watching so they can understand a bit more and not find it a negative thing."

The 27-year-old, a former host of Squirt and Sticky TV, has also spoken about the negative feedback on Twitter.

She wrote: "Weird part of my job: I now get weekly complaints about 'slipping odd Maori words' into weather. Just in case you'd forgotten: RACISMREAL!!!"

Her tweets received plenty of support from fellow Twitter users.

"Proud we have a young female face and role model using #tereo place names on national TV," wrote Karaitiana Taiuru.

"Please keep using te reo in the weather. That's who we are," wrote @stacefamily.

"Don't let the racists and haters stop you. It's cool to korero. #tereo #KeiTePai," wrote Michael Tarry.


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