Class Act ten years on: Logan Park High School

Where are they now?

2011: As Logan Park head boy, Patrick Dawson was studying first-year calculus and algebra at the University of Otago and had been the Otago under-20 chess champion for five years. He hoped to become a physicist.
2021: Dawson is in his final year of a PhD at the University of Sydney. Combining philosophy and theoretical physics, his research focuses on understanding the underlying nature of time. He also teaches and tutors in a variety of subjects, both for the university and for
secondary schools around Sydney. He still plays chess, but not competitively.



2011: A life on stage beckoned for Rosalind Manowitz, who was an accomplished dancer, singer and conductor and who played no fewer than nine instruments. She had been principal violist of the New
Zealand Secondary Schools Orchestra and her talent on flute was recognised by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, which selected her for mentoring.
2021: Manowitz is the presenter of and composer for the TV2 children’s show, Code Fun. She also performs live shows as Rainbow Rosalind the Fairy and runs a children’s party entertainment company. She won the APRA Best Children’s Music Video award in 2016 and
earlier this year was named the best global children’s artist of the decade by Australian radio station Funky Kids Radio. The Dunedin woman has continued to play in various orchestras, but her focus has shifted to introducing children to classical music and making it accessible for them. This has resulted in her working with orchestras, performing works such as Rainbow Rosalind Meets the Orchestra, her own composition which was commissioned by SOUNZ.



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